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People call me Egs.

I’ve certainly been called many things (my wife, Rita Vindedzis currently holds the record). My goal with this site is to show you why people call me what they do. I simply can’t wait to hear what you’ll call me. Really, I can’t wait!

It’s what I do.

By day, I run with my business partner, by night I’m a DH (Dear Husband). At other times I keep myself busy with Cameras, Cooking, Cars, Computers and Comedy. Cee?

[Images + Egs]

I’ve been shooting professionally and personally since the late 1970s. Amazed by the latest digital, mobile, and social affect – photography’s latest Big Bang (or Big Flash) I feel the need to share my images with you. So long to the hidden coffee table box of photos.


We all love it, crave it, yearn for it. Yes, yearn George. Do you yearn?  Unfortunately, there are some of us in all parts of the world who haven’t enough. And there are those, myself included who have been in a battle with it. For most of my life until recently, I feel like I’ve been abusing it like an addict.

The Internet is wonderful. Here are some wonders I thought you may enjoy.

I hang around on Instagram. Here’s the latest.